Apple app review process

Once you have your app “build” and are happy with how it performs on your testing device, you upload it to the Apple App Store.  You do this by logging-into your iTunes Connect account at and clicking on Manage Applications.  You must first “set-up” your app by defining its content, entering its name, describing it, uploading screen shots, etc.  Then you’re faced with one of most annoying aspects of Apple — you have to have an Apple computer to actually upload something.  Whether that makes Steve Jobs a genius or a jerk is a discussion for another day.   Unlike my posting about how to create a certificate with a Windows-based machine, there’s no way around this one — believe me, I looked.  No worries at Outskirts Press; we have lots of Apples, but for many people, I’m sure it’s a pain and, deep down, you have to wonder if it isn’t playing a role in Android’s impressive market gains.

Once we initiated the uploading process, we receive the following email notification:

Dear Outskirts Press,

The status for the following app has changed to Waiting For Upload.

App Name: Outskirts Press Free Publishing App
App Version Number: X.XXXXX
App SKU: 01

To make changes to this app, sign in to iTunes Connect and open the Manage Your Applications module.

If you have any questions regarding your app, click Contact Us in iTunes Connect.


The iTunes Store Team

We received that at 2:50.

Step one complete. Stay tuned for Step two.