Self Publishing Deals

It’s Sunday, July 3rd. Talk about a day when next to no one is thinking about publishing a book.  The July 4th weekend is a time when families and friends get together and enjoy BBQs, trips to the mountains, bike rides, swimming, car trips, fireworks, county fairs, festivals, concerts…. just about anything other than working on your goals toward becoming a published author.  So, of course, it’s always the time we at Outskirts Press like to offer our biggest “self publishing deal” of the year — a 20% savings on our two top-of-the-line publishing services – the Diamond and the full-color Pearl.

Interestingly, we find that our biggest competitor is ourselves. After all, if you want to keep 100% of your rights, 100% of your royalties, and 100% of the control, there aren’t a lot of choices for high-quality, full-service self-publishing firms.    So many authors choose Outskirts Press for a variety of different reasons.  But then they are left with the real choice – deciding what service level to select.  Our full-color Pearl package is an easy decision. If your book requires color on the inside, it’s the only choice.

But when it comes to black/white interior books, there are four other choices and for most of our authors, that choice really comes down to two: the Diamond or the Ruby. The Diamond service is $999 and the Ruby service is $699.   That is a $300 difference that, for many of our authors, is often made up for by the $300 of options included with the Diamond (free e-book, free Spring Arbor distribution, free audio excerpt).   But for other authors, the choice isn’t always that easy, especially during this economy when every penny has to count.

And that’s why I like the 20% discount when we offer it (which isn’t very often).  It brings the Diamond package down to $800, a mere $100 more than the Ruby, and when you factor in all the other advantages of the Diamond, it makes the decision easy.

This “self-publishing deal” of 20% off our Diamond or Pearl packages goes through July 5th.  Here’s the necessary promotion code to use:  JULY42011

Order your Diamond package conveniently by clicking here.

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