Book Video Trailers

There’s no doubt book video trailers are an exciting way to get extra exposure for your book. Statistics indicate that the Internet audience is “watching” the Internet more and “reading” it less.  Book video trailers offer an excellent opportunity to engage those people and introduce your book to them in a medium they like.   It’s such a good way to kick-start your online marketing efforts that we even offer Book Video trailer services for all authors, regardless of where they published their book (although Outskirts Press authors receive a 40% discount).

Outskirts Press authors who create their book video trailers through us are also guaranteed extra exposure on our iPhone app, since all the book videos we create for our authors receive exposure to a variety of networking and video sites like Twitter, MetaCafe, and YouTube.  And since every video we place on our YouTube channel is highlighted on our iPhone app, this is one simple way for a our authors to receive exposure on our self-publishing app.

Cost and production values for book video trailers can vary greatly.  Our competitors, for instance, charge in excess of $1000 (and sometimes much more) for 60 second book video trailers.  This may help explain why our Book Video Trailers option is among our most popular marketing options, both for our authors and writers who have self-published elsewhere.

Here’s an example of one:

And this concludes the series of posts on how to increase the odds of getting featured in our free self-publishing iPhone app.  The last category of the app is “Twitter” but that’s pretty self-explanatory. Do anything that we highlight on any of our channels and it is picked up by our Twitter feed and subsequently posted to our iPhone app, too. Easy!