Facebook Photo Banner for Promotion and Marketing – Part 1

Those of you familiar with the Facebook Fan pages know that with the redesign that Facebook introduced at the beginning of this year came a 5-photo “photo strip” along the top of every Fan page. Our Facebook page for Outskirts Press used that strip to showcase the “icons” for our five publishing services, shown in the screen shot below:

I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past how that photo viewer strip allowed for a more aesthetic “branding” opportunity. For instance, in our case, Outskirts Press is often associated with the gemstone graphics, so placing those five graphics along the top row of our Facebook page worked well.

The problem is that when anybody clicks on any of those graphics, what they see doesn’t really MOTIVATE them to do much more. See below to see what I mean.

Not terribly compelling, is it?  Next time we’re going to talk in more detail about how to modify those photo strip images so they work as promotional elements or advertising for the product or service your Facebook Fan page is about.