Customizing your Google+ Page for Business

… this is a continuation of the blog postings I started last week about creating a Google+ page for business…

Once you’ve “created” your Google+ Business page, Google asks you to provide a “Tagline” for the page. Like the title of the page, the tagline is a good place to include some keywords. And since it’s not clear from Google’s screens whether the tagline is going to be presented/displayed on the page, or whether this is simply for tagging/SEO purposes, it is best to try to kill two birds with one stone: in order words, make the tag line serve tagging/SEO purposes but do so in a manner that involves a comprehensive, grammatically correct sentence.

Next you’ll upload your profile photo, and since Google+ makes it easy to separate your “activity” between your personal persona and your business persona, you can upload a different avatar graphic for your business page and you can easily swap between your personal “self” and business “self” as your activity warrants. That’s nice.

Now you have your business page, which at the beginning looks very similar to your personal Google+ page — in a word, empty.  So add some “streams” (which is the Google word for Facebook’s “Status” updates. If you have videos upload to YouTube, Google+ makes it easy to find them and embed them (which stands to reason, since Google owns YouTube)… so that’s an easy place to start.

Coming up we’ll talk about automating some posts to Google+ so you start to easily generate some content on your Google+ business page, and other tactics you should start to pursue since you now have a presence on Google+.