5th funniest self publishing contractual clause

For a while now I’ve been examining the top ten funniest self-publishing contractual clauses from competitors and dissecting what the legalese means and why it’s “funny.” Last week I looked at the 10th, 9th, and 8th funniest contractual clauses. So far this week I’ve looked at #7 and #6… We’re half way done.

5th Funniest Clause from the Competitor’s Contract – Accordingly, for each of your written Titles you hereby grant us permission, on a nonexclusive, perpetual basis, to (x) reproduce and store the entirety of each Title in digital form on one or more computer facilities of or under the control of us or our affiliates or our independent contractors;

What it means: They can keep (and reproduce at will) the entire contents of your book’s copyright-protected material on their website (and other ambiguous “affiliate or independent contractors”) computers and servers forever, even after after you terminate the contract with them.

Why it’s funny: You’re basically relinquishing all control over your book’s materials to this other publisher.

Wouldn’t you rather keep 100% of your rights and 100% of the control by publishing a book with Outskirts Press?

Next time, #4…