Designing a Facebook Welcome Page – Part Two

How did Outskirts Press increase its Facebook friends by 40% in one month? By “incentivizing links” and using a “Facebook Welcome page” to promote that incentive. In our case, we encouraged visitors to our Facebook page to “like” us for an opportunity to win either a free Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, or Apple iPad 2. The more “likes” we received by Christmas, the better the prize.   We unlocked the first tier (Kindle), but not the second.  So with the start of 2012 we knew we wanted to continue the opportunity for our Facebook friends to still win that free Barnes & Noble NOOK.  Therefore, that opportunity became an element of our new welcome page that we unveiled on Facebook on January 1st.

On it’s own, this graphic doesn’t look very impressive.  But don’t worry, I’ll show you the whole thing soon; or you can cheat and look at our Facebook Welcome page now to see how this element plays its role in the Facebook Welcome page as a whole.

By designing this welcome page graphic in “pieces” we are easily able to swap out elements without having to redesign the entire graphic each time. This is particularly efficient (and cost effective) when using rolling monthly promotions and events like we plan to do in 2012.  When January ends and February begins, we won’t have to create a whole new graphic. Instead, we will only have to create a new month.  All this will become clear as we continue this series next time, and more of the pieces fall into place… stay tuned.