Finished Adding Options?

Once you’ve added all the marketing options you want to your shopping cart, scroll all the way to the bottom and click Done with Options and Upgrades.

You then receive a “Summary” page which graphically represents your custom publishing bundle, including all the services and options you have requested. Cool!  If it all looks good, click “Finalize Selections.”


When you click on the Finalize Selections button you are taken to your shopping cart to complete your order for any of the optional production and/or marketing services you added to your customized publishing package.  You will even see the free options that are included with the Diamond package if you added them during pre-production. They have a price of $0.00.

Checking out of the shopping cart is a three step process:

1. Review Order – Review the contents of your shopping cart.  If you see something you don’t want you can click the small trash can icon or the  “Remove this item” link.  Keep in mind if you remove a “required” component like the format, cover, or interior choice, you will return to that step of the pre-production process to select again.  Otherwise, if the contents meet your satisfaction, scroll to the “Confirm Order” button at the bottom of your shopping cart to proceed to step 2.

2. Confirm Order – Some of our options, like our publishing services, involve legal agreements and terms, and in those cases, this step of the shopping cart requires you to confirm your acceptance of the terms for the items in your cart.   You do this by reviewing or printing out the terms associated with each relevant option and then clicking the associated “check box” to legally confirm your acceptance in typical online fashion.  Once all the check boxes (if any) are checked, click the Confirm Order button at the bottom to proceed to step 3.

3. Here is where you enter your payment information. For security and privacy reasons, we do not retain any credit card numbers so you will always need to enter your credit card number when completing a purchase with Outskirts Press. This ensures you are always aware when you are placing an order.  You never have to worry about us “taking money” without your direct involvement and knowledge.  Once you complete the required information, click the button at the bottom to submit your payment. You will receive a green THANK YOU box confirmation.


Click the “Press to Continue” button to proceed to the next step… which is one that further differentiates Outskirts Press from the others…