Self-Publishing Book Marketing Services

Now it’s on to selecting some optional book marketing services available through Outskirts Press. And many of these may be included for free in your package, too, depending upon what package you have, so it’s best to scroll through all the options.  There are a lot. In fact, Outskirts Press offers the most marketing services and products in the industry. This pre-production selection is only the icing on the cake. Once your book is published through Outskirts Press, even MORE marketing options become available!

It’s like being a kid in the candy store. There are lots that look great, but some of them get expensive, so read the sales pages of each option to see how you can get the most bang for your book, er, buck.

The bundled marketing packages offer the best overall value. We have packaged several marketing services together into a bundle for 25% discounts over the a la carte prices.  The marketing packages are also our most popular options month in and month out, particularly the Book Blast Package and the Amazon Extreme Package. (These two, among others, are so helpful for self-publishing authors that we offer them to writers even if they’ve published elsewhere).

So here’s the screen you see when you start browsing your marketing options:

Similar to the Cover options screen, this screen is “collapsed” for space and bandwidth, because displaying ALL the marketing options we offer would fill screens upon screens. So this screen shot just shows the bundled marketing packages.

Within each of the other collapsed categories are many more options fitting that respective category.  These categories match the “7 Tactics of Successfully Published Authors” guide we mail to all our published authors after their book is published through Outskirts Press.

For our Fandemonium Volume 2 book, I first scroll through all the options and add all the free ones that come included with my Diamond package, which are:  Audio Excerpt (under Enhance Your Online Presence), a standard press release (under Announce Your Publication to the World), and Spring Arbor Christian Distribution (under Promote Your Book to the World). Although, on second thought, my content doesn’t fit Spring Arbor’s guidelines strongly enough, so I end up removing that one.  Spring Arbor reserves the right to refuse any book that doesn’t fit their religious distribution needs, and since I know Fandemonium won’t make the cut, I don’t submit it.

The point is, if you have the Diamond or Pearl full-color package, be sure to add all the FREE options to your cart.

The 25% discounted marketing packages offer the best value so look them over carefully. While the Book Blast and Amazon Extreme packages are the most popular by far, winning awards is a great way to separate your book from the hundreds of thousands of books published each year, and Outskirts Press authors win statistically more book awards than any other online self-publisher. Speaking of which, if you are a Diamond or Pearl author, you are automatically eligible for consideration for the EVVY Awards, which is a prerequisite to winning the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award.

A good rule of thumb is planning to spend an equal amount initially marketing a book as you do publishing it. So, the Diamond at $999 creates a marketing budget for me of $999.  The best marketing bang for $999 is the Book Blast Marketing package. With it, I get:

  • A Custom Press Release (way better than the standard one that comes included, and I get to review it before it is distributed, and I get a copy for my own needs–rather than cutting and pasting the free one off the Internet.
  • A PR Publicist Campaign (this in conjuncture with the custom press release is the ideal one-two punch). This campaign includes expanded distribution of my press release, plus phone-call follow-up by a representative pushing my book. I receive leads from reviewers, journalists, and bloggers seeking review copies or interviews, and I even getting a digital clipping service that emails me every time my book is mentioned online.
  • A 60 second professional and flashy book video trailer plus digital viral distribution of the completed video file. I get to keep the file and it gets shared on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Daily Motion, and many other social networking and video sharing sites. Plus it’s added to a “Media Center” portion of my free author webpage.
  • Book Review Submission to 10 book reviewers. This even includes the review copies and the shipping and handling expenses, plus all the work of creating a cover letter, the “pitch” and more.  These are all reviewers who have shown a tendency to positively review self-published books.
  • And the coup de grace – 5 hours of personal time with a professional marketing assistant.  After your initial 30-60 minute phone consultation, your Personal Marketing Assistant will typically create a marketing plan for the book or help you enhance yours. And then with whatever time is left over, the PMA will start to complete many of the marketing tactics that require completion.  Once you publish a book, it needs to be marketed. If you don’t want to do it all yourself (and who does?)  someone else will need to do some of it.  And that’s where the Personal Marketing Assistant from Outskirts Press comes in.

All 5 of these popular services bundled together for $999. Best bang for your buck.  Of course, the Amazon Extreme Package is popular, too, but since I personally know how to do all that stuff (Kindle Edition, Search Inside the Book Submission, Keyword Tagging) myself (after all, I wrote the book on that),  I don’t need that for Fandemonium Volume 2.

The other three marketing packages are strictly convenience and service oriented.  Yes, submitting your book to awards and contests is highly recommended, but you can do it all yourself for less.  But we’ve found that most authors DON’T do it at all (because, let’s face it, it’s a LOT of work), and they procrastinate, and suddenly the deadline has passed and they missed their one and only opportunity. You see, book contests typically are only open for the year of your copyright, so these are literally once in a lifetime opportunities that you don’t want to miss.  Getting the Book Award Submissions Service from Outskirts Press right out of the gate guarantees your book gets to submitted to all the biggest book award contests (Ben Franklin, Writer’s Digest, ForeWord, etc).

When you are done adding all your preferred marketing options to your shopping cart, you can click the “Done with Options and Upgrades” button at the bottom of the screen to continue to the next step…