Proper book pricing for self publishing books

Reviewing your current pricing is the next step in the galley review process. Remember back in the pre-production process when you set your book’s pricing based upon an estimated page count?  Well, now you get to do it based upon the actual page count of your fully formatted book.    There could be a difference, depending upon how close your estimate is to the final page count.  Formatting often makes a book much longer than some authors anticipate (smaller trim sizes combined with chapter drops can add a significant number of pages).

But the Outskirts Press benefits still continue. Even now you can still modify your retail price by clicking the “plus” or “minus” button to either make your retail price (and therefore your royalty) higher or lower. You’ll see the effects of your changes instantly.  Click the Update button to make any changes take effect. If you have both a paperback and a hardback, you’ll do this twice.

Once you’re happy with your price(s), click the Save and Continue button to proceed to your interior.  Keep in mind that if you make any changes to your interior at the proofing stage which increases or reduces your page count, your pricing may need to be reviewed and set again…

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