Submitting cover galley edits with Outskirts Press

Requesting edits to your cover file is simply a matter of entering two pieces of information into our online form: the “error” and the “correction.” Additional information and help is available from this screen by clicking the little question mark icon.

This process is admittedly a little cumbersome, because the .jpg image of your cover doesn’t allow you to “cut” text and then “paste” it into the form, so one has to enter both the “error” and the “correction” manually into the applicable boxes (which of course, opens the door for NEW errors — so be VERY careful when completing this process that you do not introduce a new error when fixing one).

The good news is that most covers only require 1-2 changes, if that, so this process is usually painless.  Along with indicating the error and the correction, we also need the “location” of the issue, which for the cover could be the “back” or the “spine” or the “front.”

We provide 10 free fixes, so 10 rows are presented on the screen. If for some inexplicable reason, you have more changes than 10, you can order more edits in blocks of 10 for a nominal fee (which is why that “Galley Edit Balance” is shown in red, to keep you abreast of your galley fees, if any). 90% of our authors have no changes to the cover and 99% of those have less than 10, so very rarely do any additional fees ever apply here.

Once you’re done entering all your edits (double and triple check your work, please!), you will then click on the “I’m all done with cover edits!” button on the bottom of the screen.

Two more pop-up message appear, one after the other, verifying that you are indeed done, and that if you change your mind about making any further changes to your cover at a later date, additional revision fees will apply. Fair enough; after all, you get lots of free chances to get it right this first time, so make them count.

Click “Yes” and “I accept” respectively to move on to the next step…