Welcome to your galley review process at Outskirts Press

The 3-step galley review process at Outskirts Press begins with the following screen:

There are three important pieces of information to take away from this screen:

1) You have 14 days to complete your review (if you need longer, notify your rep). This is to keep your project moving along so we can get your book published.  Some authors breeze through this process; others, inexplicably, take months. But we’ve found that giving a 14-day requirement is a good way to curtail procrastination.

2) You are reviewing your print-ready files. It’s your responsibility to thoroughly check them for any and all corrections you wish to make. Anything you don’t bring to our attention during this process will be in your final book.

3) And any corrections you bring to our attention after submitting your edit forms will incur additional fees for us to fix.

Authors acknowledge all this “fine print” by clicking the “Start Reviewing My Proofs” button….