How to create a “Cover” for the new Facebook pages

Now that the new Facebook Pages and its timeline motif have been thrust upon all of us recently (and don’t think you’re exempt if you don’t have a Company page; personal profile pages will be forced into the Timeline on April 15th), we were faced with the task of branding Outskirts Press within the new look.

As you may or may not recall from a Facebook series of posts I wrote a while ago, in which I shared the process of branding your Facebook presence, our Facebook page at Outskirts Press has looked like this for a while:

And then suddenly, it looked like this:

No branding to speak of, really. Fortunately, with the new Facebook timelines, you have the option of creating a “cover” to your Facebook profile page.  Here are some rules to keep in mind when designing your own cover (which is just FB’s fancy way of referring to a main graphic).

  1. It should be at least 399 pixels wide, but 851 pixels wide is better and 315 pixels tall is recommended.
  2. It cannot feature pricing or discount/promotional information.
  3. It cannot contain contact information or website addresses.
  4. It cannot contain call-t0-action statements.

In other words,  it can’t contain any of the elements normal marketers use to, you know… sell stuff. But it can be designed to brand your page, and then through various tweaks to the timeline itself, you can move some of those promotional tactics elsewhere. I’ll tell you how as we continue this series of posts…