Facebook Timeline Apps Navigation

For the last several posts I have been discussing tricks to get the most out of the timeline layout on Facebook. This has involved designing an effect cover graphic and writing an effective “About Box.”  To the right of the “About Box” are four app boxes (which only show up if you actually have apps installed.) If you don’t have any apps, you might only have two boxes appearing to the left of your About box, one for Photos and one for your number of “Likes.”  When/if you install new Apps to your Facebook page, those Apps will appear in this space. You can install up to 12 Apps. You can organize the order in which APPS appear on your page by hovering your mouse over them, clicking on the resulting “pencil icon” and then rearranging their order by selecting a choice from among the “Swap positions with…” list in the pop-up menu that appears.

Photos always remains directly to the right of the About box, and you cannot adjust its position. But you CAN adjust the Position of the “Likes” box but uploading more helpful apps.  There are literally thousands of choices (50,000+ actually) , and the closest thing Facebook offers to a directory of its available apps is this “Apps & Games Dashboard” which is available by clicking here.

Install at least three Apps, so you have four navigation boxes to the right of your “About Box.”  Then, edit the thumbnail image so that each App features an eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphic that will encourage your visitors to actually click on it.    By combining all these tactics together, you and/or your company will have a Timeline-optimized Facebook presence, just like Outskirts Press. Have fun!