Brent Sampson explains the Production Milestones Achievement Awards – The Approved Production Award

Now that we have unveiled our Facebook Self Publishing Achievement awards, the five categories, and the specific awards that are within each category, I will focus on each award over the next couple of months.   The categories are arranged in rough chronological order — it’s most likely an author will achieve an award within the first category (Production Milestones) prior to achieving an award in any other category. Likewise, an award in the second category is more likely to be achieved before an award in the third category, and so forth.

The first category, the Production Milestones, is currently comprised of five awards, with a sixth on the way.  Every author will win at least one award in the Production Milestones category for publishing with Outskirts Press (provided they “connect” their Facebook Account to their Outskirts Press account when prompted during the publishing process).  The Approved Production Award is achieved upon completion of a major Production Milestone, and one that is met by every publishing author. This is the stage at which all the pre-production steps have been completed, and the manuscript and all its customization is passed to our production department so the book can be designed, formatted, and completed in accordance with the author’s wishes.

Upon reaching and completing this important publishing milestone, our authors participating in our Facebook Achievements will be able to automatically notify their Facebook friends/fans/followers of their achievement, and they will receive the Approved Production Award from Outskirts Press.

We’ll talk about more Production Milestones next time.