Self Publishing Achievement Awards – Publishing Service Awards

On July 26th I revealed our Facebook Achievement Awards, the Outskirts Press “gamification” functionality we are currently rolling out to incentivize our authors to publish their books and have fun at the same time. There are 5 categories within our self-publishing achievement programs, and over the next couple weeks/months I’m focusing on each award in each category.

I’ve discussed three of the achievements in this category already. The remaining awards are specific to publishing services, and are relatively self-explanatory. Authors publishing under the Diamond package receive the Diamond achievement and authors publishing under the full-color Pearl package receive the Pearl achievement.

Once we have fully rolled-out these achievements and determine they are adding value and a “fun factor” for our authors, we will add an additional award to this category for authors publishing with one of our One-Click packages. Currently we have two separate One-Click packages, one designed specifically for coaches & speakers, and another designed specifically for children’s book authors.

Since an author cannot receive two package awards with the same book, this category requires publishing at least two books to “sweep” the category (and more once we added the One-Click award).  But, by simply following the path the majority of our authors follow anyway, an author can earn 4/5 of the Production Milestones with one single book. Here’s how:

1. Register for a free Publishing Center and once inside your publishing center, complete the form to receive your complimentary brochure in the mail.  That earns your  Publishing Guide Award.
2. Order your down payment to be assigned your Publishing Consultant, receive your manuscript evaluation, and receive your Custom Publishing Profile. That earns your Down Payment Award.
3. Order your Diamond or Pearl publishing service. That earns your Publishing Service Award.
4. Complete the pre-production steps and approve Production to begin on your book.  That earns your Approved Production Award (every Outskirts Press author will achievement this milestone, since approving production is a requirement for publication).

Next up, examining the next Category, the Production Achievement Awards…