Self-Publishing Verdict: UNBELIEVABLE!

Please allow me to momentarily interrupt my discussion of our Facebook self publishing achievement awards to share an author’s story.  This is more than just a testimonial; it is an example of the rewarding, professional relationships we foster with our authors and how that engagement begins long before the production process, and long after the publication of the book.

Ellen Cumbess is just such a professional, and you may recall I wrote about her in a blog not too long ago when I shared the Tale of Two Custom Covers.  Ellen came to us with a pretty clear idea of the cover she wanted (she already created it with a graphic software program). With our recommendation she selected the custom cover design option and then used our Social Media Market Research option to solicit industry opinion for assistance in selecting her final custom cover design from among the two professional options our designer created for her based on her own design.  She was pleasantly surprised with how our designers took her initial concept and helped it blossom into a truly professional book cover. She proceeded through production to publication and then followed up with me personally with the following email, one that simultaneously communicates joy and the fact that publishing is not always a completely smooth journey– and that’s okay as long as the road is paved with mutual respect and professionalism.


Ok….The jury is back and the verdict is in!  UNBELIEVABLE!

 Jodee was very helpful in the beginning – explaining the process and my choices.  Then, I got the cover choices and my anxiety began to diminish.  Then, Jennifer took control of my production.  I asked her twenty questions (a week)….she patiently responded to them (despite my having asked many of them previously).  We went over and over with edits.  I feel pretty confident in saying that I jerked them around a bit – and they didn’t shake loose.  Instead, they delivered.

Please commend my “team” for a beautifully executed project.  The books arrived Friday and they are better than I had hoped.  As I mentioned to Jennifer; I have started the sequel and I will be back!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

– Ellen Cumbess

As I said, our relationships with our authors don’t end at publication. Just this week, Ellen’s book was recognized as the Autobiography Custom Cover of the Week selection on our Facebook Page, where she received even more exposure in support of her excellent cover and ongoing marketing efforts.  Keep it up, Ellen!

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