2012 Best Book of the Year qualifiers

Our third annual Best Book of the Year Award winner is going to be announced the first week of June.  Leading up to that announcement, a few things need to take place.

1) The books we published in 2012 need to be qualitatively narrowed down to roughly 50 or less (that’s about 2%, so yes, we do cut deep).  We do this process throughout the year by considering factors like editing, front cover design, back cover content, retail price, subject matter, interior design, interior content, etc.  The books that make this cut are officially invited to the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards. Those invitations were sent out earlier this year to our EVVY nominees.

2) The EVVY submissions are judged by an independent panel of judges on behalf of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. The judges are judging not only Outskirts Press books, but all the books submitted to this contest by publishers and self-publishing authors from around the country.  The EVVY judges arrive upon a selection of “EVVY Finalists” and notify all the participating publishers.  These EVVY Finalists were determined within the past 2 weeks.

3) The EVVY Awards Banquet takes place to announce the First, Second, Third Place, and Merit Award winners in each category from among the EVVY Finalists.  This Awards banquet and reception occurs this coming Saturday night in the Denver Tech Center. I will be on hand to receive awards for our authors who are unable to attend in person.  Joining me at the EVVYs will be Rob M. from our marketing division,  Lora G. from our tech & analytics division, and of course my beautiful wife.

4) From among the Outskirts Press EVVY winners, three Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year finalists will be announced on May 20th.

Since we know every EVVY Finalist wins an EVVY Award, and since we know winning an EVVY 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or Merit Award is a prerequisite to being an Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year finalist, then we know that our three finalists, and the ultimate Best Book of the Year for 2012, is among our 12 EVVY Finalists.    And those finalists are below.

One of these books will be the 2012 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year.  Which one will it be and which author will win the $1,500 prize?    Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out (and to vote in a public poll to determine the ultimate winner).  Congratulations to all our contenders.