Market Research for Self Publishing Cover Design

While our upcoming Market Research, Social Style option is designed to help authors within the process receive honest feedback on a variety of elements of their book, our main purpose is to help authors with cover design decisions.

Book covers are extremely important, and the topic comes with quite a bit of emotional fervor.   Many authors approach the publishing process with a very set idea regarding their covers.  As a custom  publisher, our first goal at Outskirts Press is to deliver the books our authors want, followed very closely by our secondary goal to deliver an extremely high-quality publication.  Issues arise when, in some instances, that first goal conflicts with the second.  It’s sometimes easy to see why. Authors who can receive a high-quality publishing service with our $399 Sapphire package often find it difficult to justify an additional $299 for a professional, unique custom cover design. After all, that’s nearly the cost of the entire publishing service!  

Of course, that’s a little like stepping over a dollar to pick up a penny.  And we expect when we launch our Market Research, Social Style option, more authors will receive 3rd party unbiased recommendations that lead to improvements with their books. After all, everyone wants the same thing — award-winning books published by award-winning authors.

Speaking of awards, our authors have received quite a few lately, and that sounds like a good topic for next time.