Version 4 Website Bookstore

With my June 30th post, I wrote this:  “The final reason for the bookstore changes is probably the most important — the integration of the retail and wholesale bookstores into one single store — and I’ll discuss that next.”

And then I got side-tracked with the publication and subsequent book marketing of The Highly Effective Habits of 5 Successful Authors.  As a result, I didn’t touch upon the topic introduced in my June 30th post – that is, the integration of the retail and wholesale bookstores with our Version 4.0 website launch.

First a little background. Outskirts Press is one of the only (if not the only) self-publishing service company that offers its books at wholesale discounts to anybody (not just its own authors).  Additionally, this wholesale bookstore allows our authors the opportunity to offer their books at the full, trade-discounted prices to niche markets, smaller retailers, or specialty stores that might not otherwise have an account with Ingram or Baker & Taylor.    In fact, retailers or customers who order through the Outskirts Press wholesale bookstore actually save MORE money and get a better margin than if they were to order the same book wholesale through Ingram (that’s what happens when you cut out the middle man).  All the while our authors still receive their full royalty, 100% of the profit of the book.

Cool, yes?  In fact, this wholesale bookstore is one of our competitive advantages and is one of the reasons more savvy authors elect to publish with Outskirts Press — a publisher, marketing company, and wholesaler all in one.   Up until Version 4 of the website redesign, this wholesale bookstore was located at its own specific URL on our site, independent of our retail bookstore.

And that was the problem. Not enough people were learning about it. Sure, we informed all our authors about its availability and its advantages. But, admittedly, when an author is experiencing the jubilance of publication combined with facing the task of book marketing, such a subject as “wholesale bookstore” might rank a little lower on their radar.

So we had this great wholesale bookstore that relatively few of our authors (and book buying customers) were taking advantage of.

The solution…. ? We’ll discuss that next time.