Best Book announced

Waaaaay back in December, we ran a promotion looking for the best book submitted to us for publication in that month.   The idea behind the promotion was to imitate a traditional publishing submission and publishing process  — that is, to identify one single manuscript from among all the submissions we received and “accept it” for free publication and grant it an “advance” of sorts.    I wrote about this in a previous blog posting in March.

Two days ago we announced the best book and the talented author  in our most recent newsletterThe Persian Project, by Mark Irving.

Mark Irving is the pen name for Irv Sternberg, who has published two previous books with Outskirts Press, both of them regional bestsellers.  And for those of you who fear I might be “letting the cat out of the bag” by revealing the author’s nom de plume, you can relax;  Mr. Sternberg is open about his double-identity.

Congratulations, Irv!

Now we’re putting the finishing touches on a larger and more exciting “Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year” recognition program for 2010. We will hopefully announce it in July.  The good news is that (unlike last year) this program will apply to all the Diamond or Pearl books we have published or will publish in 2010, not just those that come in after–or as a result of–this announcement.