Creating YouTube Content for Self Publishing Writers

Last time we discussed the first method for adding content to your YouTube Channel — professional video production.  An expensive option and not really an option for most people.

The next option is much more affordable and is the method most authors use. They hire a company to produce a book video trailer for them — or if they have the capability and the software, they create a book video themselves.

Book videos are typically 1-3 minutes in length and their purpose is to generate some excitement about the author and the book, in the name of generating book sales.  The style of book videos vary greatly, as do their production costs, which can range from $300 to $20,000 or more (yes, really).   Some book videos are interviews with the author. Others are static camera shots of the author reading a passage from the book.

At Outskirts Press, our philosophy is that book video trailers should be like movie trailers – fast and exciting.   We produce one minute to 1.5 minute book video trailers for our Outskirts Press published authors for $399 and then distribute those videos to video sites like YouTube, Meta Cafe and others on behalf of our authors.  We also “blast” new videos throughout our social network on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.  Of course, the author also receives the video file to pursue his/her own video marketing endeavors, too.

With the introduction of our a la carte marketing solutions for writers, we now offer the same book video & distribution service for authors who have published elsewhere, although their cost is higher than it is for our authors. In fact, our authors currently receive a 50% discount for publishing with Outskirts Press when it comes time to order a book video.

Here is an example of a book video trailer we produced for one of our authors recently. And it just won the September “Best Book Video” contest that we ran through our Twitter account (more on that in a future post).

Authors who published elsewhere can order a book video and distribution package from Outskirts Press by clicking here.

Or, Outskirts Press authors can receive a 50% discount by ordering the same service from within their Publishing Center by clicking here.