Book Video Teasers on YouTube

The third option for adding content to your YouTube channel if you are a published author falls under my definition of a “book teaser.”  This option is similar to a book video trailer, although not as long and not as customized.  At Outskirts Press we produce book teasers for our authors for just $99 and provide them with the high-quality MP4 file to help them get their video channel underway.   We also offer the same service for authors who published elsewhere for $109.

Book teasers are short, only 30 seconds or less in length, and in that manner they share some similarities with the first option I discussed, television commercials.   But that is where their similarities end. Commercials typically feature full-motion video and professional voice overs, and as a result, a much higher budget.  Book teasers typically have none of the above.  They serve more as a standardized video announcement that a book is now available.

Nevertheless, for an author seeking content for their YouTube channel and their other online marketing efforts, a $99 book teaser sets them on the right path.  Here’s an example of one.

Outskirts Press published authors can order book teasers within their Publishing Center by clicking here.

If you published elsewhere but still want to learn about (or order) a book teaser, click here.