Power to the people

Speaking of polls, Outskirts Press will soon start offering “market research” to our authors to help them improve their books and/or solicit honest, valuable feedback from our social community – which is also comprised of writers and other business professionals.  People helping people publish better, that’s our goal.  We are in the beta-testing process of launching  a new option called Market Research, Social Style, which gives our authors in the publishing process access to ask a specific question of our social community and “put it to a vote.” 

Our preliminary steps in launching this option involved our very own Fandemonium Anthology, which we published on behalf of our Facebook community.  During that process in the first quarter of 2011, we solicited feedback and votes on a number of publishing decisions, including the cover design, the title of the book, the pricing, and the charity to receive the royalties.  Each time, a poll was created to solicit votes, and the “winning” selection was available for everyone to see and comment on. 

Now, we will turn over this same offering to our authors to help them collect “market research” on any number of publishing considerations they may have, including book titles, cover design options, imprint logo designs, or whatever else they want “outside opinions” on.

More on “social publishing” in a few hours…