Apple developer program enrollment – part 5

Approximately 5 weeks after originally beginning the Apple Developer enrollment, and waiting, and waiting, and contacting their support via their online form, I received an email from an actual human being at Apple that said:

Hello Brent,

We are currently in the process of reviewing your iOS Developer Program Developer Program enrollment information.

Please know that after reviewing your faxed documentation, we noticed that the document you sent in did not hold a state seal or stamp that states received or accepted.  We ask that you please fax one of the following which has the state seal or valid stamp located on the document:

Articles of incorporations

Business license

Certificate of Formation

Charter documents

Partnership papers

Reseller or vendor license

Operating Agreement

 Please include your Enrollment ID and your main company corporate telephone number on the cover page.   PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid any unnecessary delays, please ensure that you fax us the relevant documents for ”Outskirts Press”  and that the name and address information matches the information upon enrollment. We are unable to process enrollments unless the business documents provided correspond with your enrollment information.

Of course, the document I had faxed did have the state stamp receipt as requested, and being that it was 8 years old, there was a logical explanation for why the address would be different (we moved), so stay tuned tomorrow for my diplomatic response…