Social Media Publishing

A little over a week ago we held a poll on our Outskirts Press blog asking our authors if they were interested in a new option we were considering, called the “Featured Book of the Week” option, which would give our authors an opportunity to increase the exposure for their book by basically sending out an Amazon announcement to all our published authors and social media channels.

We received a LOT of votes (not surprising) and the overwhelming majority liked the idea (also not surprising).

What was surprising was the number of comments we also received in the “Comments” section of the blog posting.   Surprising because we’ve asked our authors to complete polls before and never have we received so many comments.  This showed us that our authors are continuing to appreciate being a part of the decision making process at Outskirts Press. We plan to continue this trend even more.

For example, in the middle of this month, our blog will post a poll asking everyone to vote on what promotion they want for October, and whatever the majority votes for will be the promotion we offer.

We are also close to offering a “Social Media Market Research” option for our authors, enabling them to “harness the power of social media” to help them make market research-based decisions regarding their book (as it involves their cover, or their title, for example).

The vast majority of the comments we received from our poll were positive and I’ll share some comments we have received recently over the next few days. Then I will return to the “How to Get Featured on our App” series soon (although next week I’ll probably first continue this interruption with a few posts on our recent Inc 5000 accomplishment).