Best self publishing company 2011

When we recently held a poll on our Outskirts Press blog asking our authors their opinion of a new marketing option we were thinking about introducing, the results and responses were overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the majority of feedback we receive from our authors is always positive, and that always makes all the people who work so hard on our authors’ books feel really good.  I don’t do as good of a job as I should sharing all the wonderful comments we receive from our authors on a daily basis, so in the interest of sharing, I’ve included some below.  As the CEO, it’s no surprise I think Outskirts Press is the best self publishing company, but it’s gratifying when so many of our authors tend to agree with us. Thank you, all.

“I’ve come to Outskirts Press with battle scars from [publisher], [publisher], and [publisher]. This experience with you has been almost too good to be true. I kept waiting for the problems to start and to date, everything has exceeded my wildest hopes.  I particularly like the ongoing support and daily emails about marketing because it’s been the hardest thing to figure out on my own.  How I wish, my other two books were with you. I’m deeply grateful for the patience and kindness extended to me throughout this process and I love the way the book turned out.  I’m getting many compliments on the cover.  I know three other people who will explore your site. Their decisions remain to be seen and I may never find out if they go with you or not.  But, count on the fact that I will definitely keep recommending you to anyone needing a publisher.” – Jonna-Lynn

“I will start by saying this; I am so glad I decided to go with Outskirts Press. I have done some pretty extensive research on different publishing companies and found that Outskirts Press was the best fit for me. In short, other companies seemed to be missing some key components to making my book successful. I sent my manuscript to Outskirts and it seemed to be a breeze from then on. The available options before, during, and after publication are outstanding and everyone seemed to be flexible as far as any changes that needed to be made. Let me leave you with this one final note; the success of your book largely depends on you, the author. Outskirts Press makes it ten times easier to navigate those roads.” – J. Evan Johnson

“From the minute of contact, my team at Outskirts Press helped me fulfill a dream. When I didn’t know how to send the files the right way, Rebecca was there for me. She spent hours putting it all together for me. Anytime I had questions she was there with the answers. Everyone was respectful and encouraging through the entire process, and each step was exciting. The day my author copies arrived, and I held my book in my hand, there were tears, but no words to express that feeling of completion. The book is beautiful, and the web page design is something to be proud of. I will use Outskirts Press for my next book. I could not have done this without everyone’s help. Now the Marketing COACH has been informative with tips and information. The sales sheet was a special treat and has been invaluable for advertising my book. This has been a Blessed journey from beginning to end, and I know we aren’t done yet. Thank you to everyone at Outskirts Press.” – Carolyn McBreen Gibbs