Awesome Cover of the Week marketing exposure

When we recently held a poll on our Outskirts Press blog asking our authors their opinion of a new marketing option we were thinking about introducing, the results and responses were overwhelmingly positive. Sprinkled amongst the comments in favor of the new option were questions about its cost and several suggestions that Outskirts Press should offer exposure for our books already.

This was a wonderful opportunity to share all the ways we already promote as many of our books as we can, through a variety of channels.  In fact, the last two weeks on this blog I have been discussing just that — how we promote our books and how our authors can increase their odds of receiving that included promotion.

Nevertheless, the comments made me think — maybe there was even MORE we could do. So beginning in September we will also launch the “Awesome Cover of the Week” promotion.  Approximately once a week we will showcase one of our author’s awesome book covers through our social media network on Facebook and Twitter, along with a link to the author’s webpage to learn more about the author and the book (and hopefully be compelled to buy the book).  This new feature didn’t require a “poll” per se, because who’s going to say “No” to a new free opportunity for more promotion?

Which brings us back to the ongoing series we had going for a couple weeks — more about how to get featured on our iPad/iPhone app. And I’ll continue that topic with more suggestions next…

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