Marketing on Facebook with the Photo Viewer Photo Strip – Part 4

So you want to use the photo strip on the top of your Facebook Fan page to advertise a service or product, but you do not want to diminish the aesthetic nature of the thumbnail images themselves? This series of blog postings over the past few days have discussed that very goal. Yesterday’s posting revealed the dimensions of the image to create in order to

  • maximize the potential of the large image
  • optimize the location and size of the thumbnail image
  • allocate a portion of the large image for branding and marketing purposes that don’t interfere with the thumbnail

When following the specifications, you can turn this template:

Into this branded image with a call to action in the Photo Viewer:

And still keep the thumbnail image looking precisely like you want:

In thumbnail form, it just shows the Diamond, like we want. However, when someone clicks on the Diamond for a closer look, the full image appears, providing a URL to order, a summary of some of the package’s benefits, our Outskirts Press logo, and instructions for a call to action to click on a link to go directly to the order page.

See how it works and looks on our Facebook page by clicking here.