10th funniest self-publishing contractual clause

Over the next few weeks I’ll examine the top ten funniest contractual clauses from a competitor’s self-publishing contract and dissect what the legalese means and why it’s “funny.”

#10 Funniest Clause from the Competitor’s Contract – You will provide a List Price for each Title which will be at or below (a) the price at which you list or offer that title via any other sales channel; and (b) the price at which you sell such title in physical form to customers through any distribution method.

What it means:  If you’re going to publish your book with this publisher, you have to allow them to sell it for the same price, or less, than you sell your own book anywhere else.

Why it’s funny: This clause even prevents you from selling the book yourself (from your website or in person) for less than what your publisher sells it for, and in essence, mandates the price you must sell YOUR book for everywhere. 

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