Self publishing with Outskirts Press – Free interior galley edits

Submitting your interior edits requires a quick check-out process through your shopping cart. If all you had were 25 edits or less, your revisions are completely free:

And then, just like when you first began the production process, your Publishing Center returns to the Production Phase screen, which means we have received your edits and are correcting your book according to what you provided to us:

This period of time depends upon the number of corrections you’ve submitted, obviously, and ends when you receive another email notifying you that your Proofs are again ready to review. At this point, the Review Process begins all over again. And hopefully you caught everything the first time so now you can just “Go to Print!” on your files.

Once you have approved both your cover file and interior file, we initiate our own internal QC and Pre-Media review. This is not a subjective review of your book to make sure you didn’t miss any spelling mistakes; that’s your responsibility and we trust you reviewed your proofs thoroughly before telling us to “Go to Print.” No, our review is a technical one to make sure your book is going to meet our high standards from a technical standpoint. Once it passes both our QC and Pre-Flight tests, we submit all your information for print-on-demand printing and distribution-on-demand wholesale & online distribution…. And what happens next? You receive an exciting email notifying you of publication…