Book publishing with Outskirts Press – Submitting your galley review edits

Submitting edits to your interior file takes place on this screen of your Publishing Center:

Rather than “front” or “back” or “spine” which were the only location choices for your cover, the location choices for any corrections you want made to your interior are a little more specific, and involve the PDF page # and the line #.  We ask for the PDF page number and not the document page number because most books have fore-matter and back-matter that rarely have page numbers.  But the PDF proof will always have a page number, and that is the numbering scheme to use when reporting errors and corrections.

The process is largely the same as indicating corrections to your cover, with one noticeable advantage. You can cut and paste directly from the PDF file and directly into the “Error” box, making this process quicker and less prone to errors.  You also get 25 corrections instead of 10 and in our experience, the majority of our authors use the majority of those free edits.   They often just see a word here, or a period there, or a question mark over there that they want to change.  This is not the time for massive re-writes, but it IS the time to catch spelling errors, punctuation errors, and the misuse of words.  And even if you require more than 25 free edits to correct everything, now is the most cost-effective time to make every necessary correction.   Additional blocks of 25 edits are available for a very nominal fee. Purchase all you need to make your book perfect.

Alternatively, we offer a flat reformatting fee for $99 which allows you to make all your corrections onto your own word processor file and then resubmit it to us for formatting again from scratch.  This is often a preferable course of action if you have a LOT of corrections or if you find the online cut-n-paste edit forms too cumbersome.  Different strokes for different folks and we try to accommodate all preferred styles of submitting corrections to us.

When you’re done entering all your edits (make sure you are truly done to avoid any unnecessary fees), click the “I’m all done with interior edits” button, and accept the following pop-up language about finalization of your proofs and the fees that could apply if you want to make more corrections later. If we do ever hear complaints about “hidden fees” from one author in a hundred, it’s here — but the reality is that these fees are not hidden. We tell you about them up-front and in advance, multiple times; and we give you ample opportunities to avoid them.  Please take advantage of that by making sure you catch all your errors during this galley review stage. That’s what it’s here for.