FREE self-publishing e-book

This week we’re trying something new.   We’re giving away the e-book edition of Adventures in Publishing without first requiring an email address.  Giving away the e-book of Adventures in Publishing and Self-Publishing Simplified has been one of the successful ways we have acquired a pretty extensive email database.  But I’m sure an equal (or greater) number of writers don’t feel compelled enough to part with their email address just to read a free e-book. And, as a result, we are missing an opportunity to share the benefit and value of our services with them.

Yes, offering something for “free” in exchange for an email address, or some other contact information, is an effective and persuasive tool in the Internet age.  But if the “free product” is compelling in its own right, you may want to consider providing it even WITHOUT the email requirement.  Perhaps more people will read it as a result, and perhaps more people will find it a valuable solution to their particular situation, which may lead them to contacting you and volunteering their email address on their own.  And wouldn’t that be better for everyone?

That’s the logic of this little experiment, at any rate… So, without further ado, here is the free e-book edition of Adventures in Publishing

Help a Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out at is precisely the kind of site all business-people and authors should know about. Last week I had a great interview with the editor of Celebrity Parent magazine about Adventures in Publishing and Outskirts Press. This lead came entirely from HARO.  In fact, it came from a HARO request I replied to in February of 2009.  Yes,  nearly a year later the editor contacted me for an interview! And what a wonderful and gracious person she was.

What’s the moral of that story? The Internet provides you with the means to cast as many fishing lines as possible into the virtual sea.  You never know when you’re going to get a bite. But, to paraphrase Gretzky’s great quote — one of my favorites in case you can’t tell — you are guaranteed to miss 100% of the fish you don’t go after.