Blogging tips – How to build traffic for your blog – Part 3

To continue this week’s topic, the stats from WordPress suggested to me that rather than following the “social scientist’s” idea of multiple (shorter) blog postings through the day, it was more preferable to post shorter blog postings multiple days in a row. When I did that in May, the result was the highest number of viewers for my blog thus far.  I continued posting shorter blog postings more often in June. And here’s what happened:

In two months (between April – June) I nearly doubled the traffic to this blog.  In fact, the “darker” shade of blue is the April bar that I “cut and pasted” to superimpose over June, as a comparison.   July’s figures are there, too, where you can see a slight increase over June.  But that is encouraging in its own right.  As you work to build traffic for your own blog, you should work on developing specific tactics that significantly increase traffic from one month to the next (as my blog did between April and May, and again between May and June) — AND, you want to make sure not to lose that traffic once you have earned it.  Continue to give compelling content and information (or entertainment) and react to the statistics provided to you by your blogging platform.

How to increase blog traffic – Part 2

To continue yesterday’s topic, I changed my blog posting schedule starting in May to post shorter blog postings 3-4 days in a row, rather than continuing to follow the “social scientist’s” recommendation of posting short blog postings throughout the day. I did that in April and my traffic actually decreased (and not just because April has fewer days than March).

Once May was over, I looked at the stats again.  May became the highest traffic month since my blog’s inception (up to that point at least)…

Let’s just say, I was so encouraged by the results that I continued doing it in June, where the increase in blog traffic between April and May could build upon itself and continue growing.  Let’s look at June’s stat’s next time…

How to build blog traffic – Part 1

Way back in April I discussed a webinar I had attended by a “social scientist” who suggested that multiple blog postings throughout the day translates to increased blog traffic and a greater number of blog visitors and, therefore, better exposure for your company. So, in April, I tried following that advice and posted multiple, shorter blogs throughout the day.  Then, on May 5th and May 6th, I looked at the statistics for this blog (captured conveniently by WordPress), which showed this:

Contrary to the “social scientist” hypothesis — if you can call it that, since he claimed his suggestion was based upon statistical science — my blog traffic did not increase. In fact, it went down. Those three postings were MORE work and I received LESS traffic.

To be honest, I was grateful to discover this.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep up the 3-postings-a-day schedule, anyway.  So, on May 7th I suggested that I would try a different tactic in May to see if it worked better. Rather than posting three shorter postings throughout the day, I would take those three shorter postings and post them three days in a row. (Up until then I had been posting relatively lengthy postings about once every 3-4 days).

What I was shooting for was a significant increase in blog traffic, similar to the bump that occurred in March 2010 and again in November 2010.

Tune in tomorrow to see if the new tactic worked.